Measles: a growing threat to children’s lives

In the world, nearly 20 million children are not vaccinated every year, which puts them at risk of preventable fatal diseases. This is explained by multiple factors, including social, economic and health inequalities and weak health systems. Most of these children are concentrated in conflict-affected communities, remote areas cut off …

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Side effects of the H1N1 vaccine: delays in compensation

He says he has no words. It shows itself “Ahura“ deleted. More than eleven years after the fact, she is still awaiting compensation after the 2009 vaccination against the H1N1 flu that caused her narcolepsy-cataplexy, very disabling. However, it is the state that has to pay for it, because at …

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Aiming for calcium overload could improve stroke results

Excessive calcium contributes to harmful inflammation in ischemic stroke, and targeting it may provide doctors with a new way to improve patient outcomes, new research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine suggests. Petr Tvrdik, PhD, found that immune cells called microglia are flooded with calcium waves in the …

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