definition, interruption of work, declaration on Ameli

People identified as a contact case of a person infected with Covid-19 are contacted by health insurance (Ameli) via SMS. When to take a test When to isolate yourself Who is entitled to sick leave at work? Can we be a contact case of a contact case? Definition and procedures. …

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How dolphins avoid “curves”

Newswise – Dolphins actively slow their hearts down before diving and can even adjust their heart rate depending on how long they intend to dive, a new study suggests. Posted in Frontiers in physiology, the findings provide new insights into how marine mammals conserve oxygen and adapt to pressure when …

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Spanish government unveils COVID-19 vaccination plan –

The Spanish government presents its COVID-19 vaccination Vaccine against covid: the strategies of other Europeans | The HuffPostThe HuffPost Covid: Madrid presents a plan for a massive, free and voluntary vaccinationThe echoes Coronavirus: the calendar of vaccination campaigns in Europe and FranceSouthwest DIRECT. Covid-19: Spain will vaccinate the elderly …

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