Video | Romania – Poland 28-24. Frantic return to the “tricolor”. They led 3 quarters of the game. First victory in the Euro


  • European Women’s Handball Championship: Poland – Romania, Saturday, 5pm, Digi Sport 1

  • Liga 1: FCSB –UTA, Saturday, 9:30 pm, Digi Sport 1

Romania – Poland 28-24. Cristina Neagu, 8 goals. Cristina Laslo, 6 goals, the best in the field

The “tricolors” started the match with Poland badly, as well as the one with Germany and have been ahead for a long time. However, two saves from Yulia Dumanska followed, followed by two goals from Elena Dincă and Romania drew 4.

In the 200 selection for the national team, Cristina Neagu was not very fit, but even so she was the best scorer of the game, with 8 goals and reached the level of 865. At the first of this match she did it only after the fourth attempt .

Romania – Poland 28-24. Cristina Neagu, the fastest launch of the tournament

Responsible instead of the transformations from 7 meters was the best player in the world. The Poles then distanced themselves at 4 goals, and Neagu set the score of rest, 11-15, from a 7-meter shot, with a megalovit: 129 kilometers per hour they reached the ball pushed by our eighth, the most faster than so far to these Europeans.

In the second half Cristina Laslo went out on the ramp and the player of the match was even chosen, with 6 successes. Denisa Dedu, returning from the coronavirus, also did some great fashion shows. Up to 45 ‘the Poles are ahead, but then it’s time for a draw, when Neagu scores 18-18.

Rosiak gave Poland the lead, but Laslo and Buceshi scored spectacularly, Laura Popa scored technically and Ostase scored exactly at the right time, finishing the match with 6 goals.

The final was entirely up to the Romanians, who finish in strength, score 28-24, and remain in the calculations for the qualification.

For the students of Bogdan Burcea, the match against Norway will follow on Monday, at 21:30, LIVE on Digi Sport 1.

Initial news:

What’s this Romania – Poland, from the second phase of group D a European Women’s Handball Championship, is disputed Saturday, from time 17:00and will be broadcast live Digi Sport 1 and on the website, in live video and in text format.

LIVE VIDEO Romania – Poland 28-24 at Digi Sport 1. The match can be seen HERE by RCS and RDS members

Min. 60: Final of the match, 28-24, after Romania scored from the center of the field, and the Poles scored the last goal of the match.

Min. 59: Romania – Poland 26-22. Fantastic! Ostase still scored his fifth goal in 6 shots.

Min. 58: Romania – Poland 25-22. The Poles collapse and Ostase scores.

Min. 57: Romania – Poland 24-22. Rosiak scores from 7 meters, even if Dedu guesses the ball.

Min. 56: Romania – Poland 24-21. Return of the sensation of the “tricolors”, which distance themselves from Ostase.

Min. 55: Romania – Poland 23-21. Laslo scores with an empty net.

Min. 55:Romania – Poland 22-21. Neagu scores superbly. The ball is thrown into the goal at 122 km / h.

Min. 51: Romania – Poland 21-19. Target Romania. Laura Popa scores with a technical execution.

Min. 48: Romania – Poland 20-19. Eliza Buceshi scores on the crossbar and brings the “tricolors” ahead.

Min. 48: Romania – Poland 19-19. Laslo scores again superbly.

Min. 46: Romania-Poland 18-19. Goal Poland! Rosiak scores and gives Poland the lead.

Min. 45:Romania – Poland 18-18. Cristina Neagu scores her fourth pitch from 7 meters.

Min. 45: Romania – Poland 17-18. Cristina Laslo scores and we get close to scoring again.

Min. 43: Romania – Poland 16-17. Iuganu scores and the referees consult the video to validate the success.

Min. 40: Denisa Dedu has a great save.

Min. 37: Romania – Poland 14-17. Cristina Laslo scores again.

Min. 32: Romania – Poland 12-15. Cristina Laslo scores Romania’s first goal in the second half.

Min. 30: Romania – Poland 11-15. Cristina Neagu sets the break score, from 7 meters. The ball thrown by the eighth of the Romanian national team reached 129 km / h, the fastest throw of the tournament.

Min. 27: Romania – Poland 10-13. Ostase scores.

Min. 25 Romania – Poland 9-13. Neagu’s goal from 7 meters.

Min. 23: Romania – Poland 8-12. Cristina Neagu scores her second goal.

Min. 19: Romania – Poland 6-9. Grzyb scores.

Min. 17: Romania – Poland 6-7. Neagu scores his first goal in 4 shots.

Min. 10: Romania – Poland 4-4. Indigo phase, with Dumanska parade and Dincă goal.

Min. 9: Romania – Poland 3-4. After a save by Yulia Dumanska, Dincă’s goal follows.

Min. 4: Romania – Poland 1-1. Romania’s first goal was scored by Ostase.

Min. 2: Romania – Poland 0-1. Gega opens the score.

Min. 1: The game begins. Cristina Neagu misses the first attack of the “tricolors”, in the first minute.

In the match against Poland, the Romanian women’s handball team is looking for her first victory at the European Championships in Denmark. In their group debut, Bogdan Burcea’s team was defeated by Germany, 22-19.

Poland is in the same situation, a team that definitively lost the game with Norway in the first round, scoring 22-35.

Compared to the match against Germany, Bogdan Burcea will be able to count on goalkeeper Denisa Dedu, who has had two consecutive negative tests at COVID-19.

The only player unavailable in the Romanian team is Laura Moisă, who was detected with COVID-19 upon arrival in Denmark.

On Saturday the other match of group D, Germany – Norway, will also be played live on Digi Sport 3, starting at 19:15.

The team of Romania at the European Women’s Handball Championship:

  • Goalkeepers: Denisa Dedu (CSM Bucharest), Yuliya Dumanska (Podravka Koprivnica), Ana-Maria Măzăreanu (CS Gloria 2018 Bistriţa-Năsăud);
  • Far right: Laura Moisă (CSM Bucharest), Sonia Seraficeanu (CS Minaur Baia Mare);
  • Far left: Nicoleta Dincă (CS Gloria 2018 Bistriţa-Năsăud), Ana Maria Iuganu (SCM Gloria Buzău), Alexandra Dindiligan (HC Zalău);
  • Centers: Eliza Buceschi (CS Rapid Bucharest), Cristina Laslo (CS Minaur Baia Mare), Ana-Maria Ţicu (SCM Craiova), Andreea Popa (CS Minaur Baia Mare);
  • Everything good: Laura Popa (CS Rapid Bucharest), Ana-Maria Savu (SCM Craiova);
  • Whole on the left: Cristina Neagu (CSM Bucharest), Anca Polocoşer (CS Minaur Baia Mare);
  • pin: Lorena Ostase (CSM Slatina), Alexandra Subţirică-Iovanescu (SCM Gloria Buzău)
  • Personal: Bogdan Burcea – coach, Robert Licu – second coach, Jaume Fort Mauri – goalkeeper coach, Ştefan Ciuntu – physical trainer, Ioan Radu Cheregi – performance analyst, Florin Ciocoiu – doctor, Valentin Cucu – physiotherapist, Lavinia Vlangar – physiotherapist, Nicoleta Alexandrescu – Team manager, Doru Costică – Media Manager.

Romania’s program in group D of the European Handball Championship:

Romania-Germany, 3 December – 19-22

  • Romania v Poland, December 5 (5pm, Digi Sport 1)
  • Romania v Norway, December 7 (9.30pm, Digi Sport 1)

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