Does the new iPhone 12 also have battery problems?


Apple’s new range of smartphones is not revolutionary, however, it appears that the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has also had a serious impact on the production and quality testing of the new iPhone 12.

At the end of the cable, in addition to problems connecting to 4G and 5G wireless networks and unresponsive screens in the ‘mini’ model, it now appears that the new generation of iOS devices are suffering from problems with battery life.

Does the new iPhone 12 also have battery problems?

Problems with iPhone 12

Therefore, the new iPhone 12 arrived on the market recently, but it seems to bring serious problems to those who have decided to buy the first units. After all, after all the problems mentioned above, everything indicates that new iPhones are now suffering from significant battery loss while the device is in ‘IDLE’, i.e. while not being used.

An issue that was hinted at on October 25, but apparently still affects some users in December. After all, we have recent reports of users who went to bed with 100% battery charge and when they woke up they only had 40%.

Some interested users have even gone to Apple Support to test the device and it seems that everything is fine in terms of hardware. Therefore, it should be a problem in iOS, which in the meantime should already be being corrected in Apple labs.

However, in addition to this problem, Apple also faces problems connecting to wireless networks on the new iPhone. With several users claiming they have no network … Well … A cell phone without a network isn’t really a cell phone, is it Apple?

Also, what do you think of all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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