The 5 most popular characters in Apex Legends


Earlier this week, Respawn Entertainment asked the Players vote on what he thought was the most popular character from “Apex Legends” (based on selection rate), before revealing the official classification a day later.

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The blog TitanFall revealed the top five on November 27. Wraith is at the beginning of the selections, followed by Hound and the newcomer Horizon. Octane surprised to the fans seen his current poor state in the game and unconditional Lifeline of the first season fill in the last space.

Leyends increase and decrease in popularity due to the current form of half of the season, where buffs and nerfs are among the characters, and also due to the general popularity of new characters, usage tends to settle specific trends every season.

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Season 7 is currently underway, but fans have responded poorly to the changes applied to the Battlepass, claiming that Respawn inflated the XP requirements and of investment from weather to increase it and the money players have to spend in the game to level up.


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