What is the latest of Blockchain in Ad Tech?


The advertising technology of Blockchain has gone through a cycle of hype that has brought blockchain and cryptocurrency to the main attention.

But are blockchain companies ready for the spotlight? And what work needs to be done before marketers or publishers can start buying and selling media on blockchain-based platforms?

"It reminds me of the early days of the programmatic when several DSPs were coming and people were thinking about different ways of dealing with the ecosystem," said David Lee, program director at the independent agency. The Richards Group.

What problems do they solve?

Blockchain solutions for advertising technology generally seek to reconcile campaign results or facilitate chain payments.

"There are many meetings that go into a ditch because people do not match certain numbers," said Josh Herman, global director of digital marketing and innovation at Kimberly-Clark.

Tyson Foods is working on blockchain pilots to improve its payment and digital reconciliation cycles because otherwise it takes months or even a year to adjust campaign performance data, said Trace Rutland, Tyson's director of media innovation.

BlockShield-based technology startup FusionSeven had originally planned to resolve disputes over rights management in the digital media but moved towards reconciliation, said CRO Michael Jolly.

"Reconciliation and Compensation Campaigns [are]" The first barrier blockchain will help clarify, "said Jolly.

Payments are an equally tricky problem for digital marketers, but they can take a back seat at reconciliation, partly because the problem of programmatic payments is the result of marketer complaints (aka reconciliation), but also because many blockchain companies do not want to introduce cryptocurrency functionality in initial negotiations.

What role does cryptocurrency play?

Crypto or not to crypto? This is the question for many startups blockchain.

"There is nothing so little credible as blockchain without the cryptographic part," said Rutland. [19659002] But marketers do not seek flash.

The blockchain software company Amino Payments has an internal cryptocurrency called Grains, each one a billionth of a cent, but tr only dollars, the founder and CEO Will Luttrell told AdExchanger.

The cryptocurrency aspect of technology is often set aside because of the association with new – sometimes online coins buy and trade, said Jason Kelley, IBM's global blockchain service manager.

IBM introduced cryptocurrency capabilities to customers as "tokens," Kelley said, usually for operational cases such as requesting office supplies or sending products internally. Businesses will become more comfortable with cryptographic elements and eventually technology could simplify media transactions, he said.

Cryptocurrencies will become an important part of blockchain advertising solutions, but space-based startups risk losing confidence with overly zealous marketers on the topic, said Rebecca Lerner, executive vice president of the blockchain platform startup MadHive.

The MetaX blockchain advertising platform operates in cryptocurrencies, said Global CRO Alanna Gombert, because many encrypted startups use the MetaX platform to buy media from majors to platforms such as Google and Facebook block encrypted or ICO ads. Most publishers in its network cover Bitcoin or other encrypted news and also trade in cryptocurrencies.

Crypto startups "are a first natural category for us and there is so much unexpressed spending, but when we deal with agencies and media agencies we would do

Single functionality or complete platform

The rebel AI is focused on the laser to solve the spoofing of the domain with the blockchain, said the founder and CEO Manny Puentes.

"There are a lot of companies trying to sell the dream of what technology could be, but we want to make people understand that there is a specific problem in the real world that the blockchain can solve "

Blockchain companies with more complete platforms are also turning to solution providers to compile their offers.

NYIAX, for example, has built a blockchain media exchange in which publishers can exchange stock futures, bu t uses Rebel AI to check advertising transactions and is in dispute c on other blockchain technology companies to buy solutions such as measuring visibility and processing payments, CEO Carolina Abenante said.

Kochava XCHNG, a subsidiary blockchain of the mobile advertising company, works with over 30 companies to sell data and media, measure campaigns and, most importantly, transfer payments from fiat to the XCHNG token currency, said Charles Manning, CEO of Kochava .

Are there any live solutions?

There is much talk of blockchain products, but not many products on the market.

The Richards group recently conducted its first blockchain test with its GameStop client and blocking advertising startup Lucidity, Lee said. [19659002] "We talked to many companies that have a concept, but we were waiting for a product that could be activated," he said.

Working with Lucidity and its supply chain partn As for AppNexus and Integral Ad Science, the campaign caused a huge drop in impression discrepancy, Lee said.

The other solutions on the market are similar alpha or beta programs managed by brigades of established vendors and new blockchain players. [19659002] Amino Payments relies on AppNexus and IAS of the ad techs adopted to integrate their active supply chains with the blockchain ledger.

IBM and Mediaocean have a blockchain partnership with a handful of leading brands: Kimberly-Clark, IBM, Unilever, Kellogg and Pfizer – who were already testing blockchain solutions to manage product supply chains and the security of real data said Kelley.

It will probably be another year before the blockchain companies have generally available products, as opposed to closed beta tests, Abenante Said.

And this is optimistic. Jolly said it may take three years or more before the industry widely accepts blockchain.

The blockchain startup community is prepared for a long time.

Some have collected money through traditional routes. NYIAX has $ 15.7 million in seed funding, for example, and FusionSeven has picked up a $ 8 million Series A round. Lucidity investors are not public, but they have millions of dollars in venture capital, said CEO Sam Goldberg.

XCHNG raised capital in a private ICO presale with the Korean blockchain investment company Hashed, which Manning said, will support ongoing R & D costs for Kochava blockchain production.

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