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The Vancouver Metro Transit System was hit by a ransomware attack

The Vancouver Metro Transit System is the latest victim of a ransomware attack. Global News obtained the ransom letter sent to TransLink this week amid “suspicious network activity” which caused several major problems in the transit system. TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond confirmed the attack in a press release late Thursday. …

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Slow and steady or a great shot? How to grow a ferocious dinosaur

WASHINGTON: According to scientists who analyzed slices of fossilized bones, large carnivorous dinosaurs reached their great size through very different growth strategies, with some taking a slow and steady path and others experiencing a teenage growth spurt. The researchers examined annual growth rings, similar to those in tree trunks, in …

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Facebook will reportedly launch Libra cryptocurrency next year

Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency will make its debut in early 2021. The digital token from the world’s largest social network could be launched as early as January, albeit in a reduced form, reports the Financial Times. The Geneva-based Libra Association that will issue the stablecoin will launch a single digital currency …

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