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Blockchain is good or bad for the environment?

[ad_2][ad_1] At the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, humanity faced for the first time one of the greatest dilemmas of its history: are the benefits of technological progress worth the environmental damage it causes? This dilemma has finally become the cornerstone of our current age, as humanity has grown increasingly …

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Opinion: Strengthening of the adoption of Blockchain in SA

[ad_2][ad_1] Ivedix image Blockchain's dream is a secure, transparent, transparent, reliable and convenient transaction. But adoption remains rather slow – with precious few examples of transforming technology into the real world. How do we encourage the widespread adoption of blockchain? South Africa's financial services industry has made a promising incursion …

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EduHash's Main-net blockchain

[ad_2][ad_1] Wisetone has certified the EduHash Silicon Valley Labs (EduHash) Main-net blockchain, from scratch by Eduhash, can handle 1,196,966 TPS (transactions per second). With this latest development, EduHash demonstrates a validation of its technology through an ICT-authored testing institute. KOLAS / ILAC-MRA Performance Test Certificate requirements. Daniel Ohn, CTO of …

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Mitigation of unresolved marketing challenges with Blockchain

[ad_2][ad_1] Blockchain technology is responsible for designing an ecosystem of solutions for many industries. This technology has repeatedly demonstrated its courage by providing bitcoin security. Businesses in many industries are looking for ways to adhere to blockchain technology. Blockchain offers the possibility to perform peer-to-peer transactions, in real time, unchanged …

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What are the main applications of the blockchain revolution?

[ad_2][ad_1] The technology behind cryptocurrencies can transform a wide range of industries for the better, from food and medicine to shipping, and even attack social ills such as trafficking in children TThe cryptocurrency boom has faded for now, but blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin, has many possible applications and could …

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A quick guide to digital marketing of a blockchain project

[ad_2][ad_1] In a world where everything has to be commercialized, blockchain projects are no exception. Today only 19 percent of consumers are aware of the blockchain. A recent Gartner survey by Chief Information Officers (CIO) states that 77% of CIOs surveyed indicated that their organization had "no interest in technology …

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