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Don’t take advantage of weekend love

[ad_2][ad_1] Synthetix puts up with the fight against control, down 17% from the week. Does the compound see a dead cat bounce? The 4-hour chart is bearish. Litecoin buyers return with conviction, more likely gains? Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tokens are trying to catch up with the positive turnaround seen on …

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The Waves Protocol team works with MADANA to take advantage of confidential computing when working with Blockchain Oracles

[ad_2][ad_1] The developers of the Waves protocol e MADANA they are collaborating so that they can take advantage of “confidential” computing when working with Oracles blockchain or DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) and during inter-chain communication. Through the partnership, Waves and MADANA have agreed to jointly build DLT-powered blockchains or Oracles …

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Crypto Scammers are Taking Advantage of Ethereum Hard Forks

[ad_1] Upcoming forks in Ethereum and Ethereum Classic have given opportunity to scammers. Two alleged "hard fork" versions are trying to steal money from users of both. Ethereum Nowa claims to be forking away from ETH. Ethereum Classic Vision claims to fork away from ETC. These are forged in response …

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