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Take advantage of the power of the blockchain to change health care – Twin Cities

The book "Blockchain: Transforming Your Business and the World", by Mark van Rijmenam and Philippa Ryan, explains that "the Internet was conceived as a decentralized global network, but in the last 25 years it has been controlled by a few, very powerful and centralized companies The creation of blockchain is a technological paradigm shift … that will allow individuals and communities … to take the upper hand on the Internet. "

Lynn Smith, the technology entrepreneur and founder of Healy, could not help but join this paradigm shift by creating a far-sighted company that combines the best of emerging technologies to solve our long-standing problems. sanitary system. It is creating a new world economic order in which patients monitor and exploit their health care to create a new type of public good.

Lynn Smith


Company Name: Healy

Website: Healy.io

Twitter: @healyio

Starting date of the activity: May 2017

Number of employees: 2

Number of customers: 4000 in 2018


First name: Lynn Smith

Age: 43

City of Birth: Billerica, Mass.

City where you live: Minneapolis

High school attended: Boston High School

College attended: Ithaca College

Q & A

Q. What brought you to this point?

A. I am a skilled software entrepreneur focused on emerging technologies. I built technology, solved problems and worked in trenches on software projects for over 20 years. My background is both on the technical side as a programmer, analyst and executive technical leadership; and, on the UX side (user experience) – from the work that drives the design of sites for companies such as Target, 3M and Mayo Clinic. In 2016, I created a successful app for migraine sufferers. And now I'm turning on a second app which is a consolidated and permanent health record in which people own their data. This is my new company, Healy.

D. What are your business?

A. Healy is a suite of applications to help patients better manage and understand their health. Our first product, Migraine Insight, has a 5-star rating in the app stores and has been used by over 4,000 users. This app is a migraine manager and analytical tool that helps people track down and spot pain triggers. Healy's suite of apps, under development, will include tailored experiences for various conditions including Chronic Pain Insight, Fibro Insight, Asthma Insight and a gastro-conditional tracker.

The communities that emerge on these apps will become the user base for the Healy Health Manager, a lifelong patient health management application with a universal health record. Healthcare manager Healy will use a blockchain to create wealth for patient communities. See the executive summary on healy.io for the broader view of where the company is heading.

Q. What is the origin of the company?

A. I have developed emerging technologies for 20 years. With decentralization and blockchain, I have never seen a greater level of excitement with technology fanatics. All kinds of emerging technologies are advertised. But, since decentralization begins to emerge, I knew I had checked it. When I did it, and I understood the potential, I knew I had to do it. With decentralization, I saw an opportunity both to empower people to better manage their health and to shift the economic power of patient communities at the same time.

Q. What problems does your business solve?

A. We can finally break patients, doctors and researchers out of the limits imposed by current monopolistic and broken health care systems. Now it is possible that people truly own their data and transfer economic power to patient communities. This radically shifts the game in the way software and systems are created for health experience. Now we can give the patient communities and the patients themselves a voice they had never had before on their health care path.

Q. What big obstacle or obstacle did you have to overcome?

A. The biggest obstacle? Overcome the blockchain hype. There is a lot of misinformation. But, as a basic technology, it has great power to change the economy of the world around us. Just as the internet gave us instant access to information and removed the need to go to places to accomplish many things, blockchain is going to recreate the way we exchange value with one another. And this is great … really, really, great.

Q. What are the strengths or personal skills that you bring to the business?

A. I spent half my career writing code, directing coding teams or directing technical architecture. The other part of my career has been immersed in UX leadership, both to help executive teams develop user experience departments, and to develop user-focused methodologies within companies.

Q. What are you most proud of?

A. Migraine Insight is an incredible research tool. I applied for a patent on the ranked correlation engine that classifies and finds the health triggers of a single individual. And the code was interesting to write. I'm proud of that code.

Q. Which obstacles do you have to overcome to have unbridled success?

A. Unfortunately, the blockchain space has become "hot" and has attracted a lot of scammers and people who want to do good but do not know what they are doing. A ton of good is about to emerge with public decentralization and blockchain efforts. But, to be successful, it's important to be tired of being dragged down when the bubble bursts on the blockchain scammers. It's like the technological crash of the early years & # 39; 00. The same phenomenon. It's important to realize that while all the fuss and cheating is dying, this is a good thing for the basic technologies that are going well.

Q. How do you finance your business?

A. Self-funded. And now, come in. VC is a very difficult path for a founder of solo women. I've been told by every expert woman that I know in technology that the only way to get funding is to hire a male CEO. I'm not willing to do it. So rather than waste time, effort and money after funding, I have just evangelized strategic people that I want to hire and offer equity. And, building the technology alone.

Q. What would be the success for your company in the next 2-3 years?

A. With over a million total users in the apps. And having this user base drives the expansion of the Healy app in public well. Having the Healy blockchain become the key public health blockchain. A success will be when the blockchain will have enough use and collected data that patient communities can monetize their pooled data (anonymously) on the open data market.

D. In your opinion, what does it take to be a great entrepreneur?

A. A combination of experience and persistence. Availability to listen, learn and re-navigate your plans. The ability to politely ignore people when they tell you that you can not do what you are doing, or that you can not do something that you have already clearly done. Also, knowing when to pay attention to true caution when it should be applied.

Q. Why do you do what you do?

A. Helping patients and their communities to gain health and economic power drives me. I come from a family of health care. I want to see people and communities prosper. Right now, our health system is incredibly broken. Moving the underlying economy and giving patients and their communities better software to manage their interactions with the healthcare system will change our world.

Q. How did the James J. Hill Center help you in your business?

A. 1 million cups Sao Paulo helped me practice and perfect my shot. For me, Healy's path is very clear. But it is complex. It's hard to talk. So this was very useful for me. I had a great response.

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