MyCrypto now allows you to plan Ethereum transactions


17 September 2018 11:48 PM

Portfolio provider Ethereum MyCrypto has announced a new feature that uses ChronoLogic for the Ethereum alarm clock.

In a Middle post of September 15, 2018, MyCrypto has released details of an Ethereum transaction feature that can help you plan an ICO investment while you are away, schedule subscription payments and even set reminders.

MyCrypto, an Ethereum portfolio solution platform developed by a team that initially worked at the open source MyEtherWallet, has worked on the new functionality from its planned partnership with ChronoLogic at the start of this year .

Jordan Spence, MyCrypto's marketing manager, said ETHNews "I believe we are the first to implement the ChronoLogic planning function on the main Ethereum network, and we are really excited to see where it goes."

The functionality is accessible in the MyCrypto portfolio by pressing "Send Later" when making a transaction. MyCrypto has also published a support article to guide users. According to the post media, the code for Ethereum Alarm Clock has been verified and all the programming and execution are guaranteed by EDCC (also known as smart contracts ).

As this feature is new, MyCrypto will search for feedback from its user community. "Our goal for the early stages of this integration is for people to make use of the cases and help us and the ChronoLogic team to understand which way integration should proceed," Spence said.

For its part, the ChronoLogic team is already to propagate the benefits of the function. In a YouTube video published September 14, 2018, he interviewed the leaders of Ethereum, including Vitalik Buterin, who stated that there was "much interest" from the community and that the planning of Ethereum transactions "It seems something very precious". The founder and CEO of MyCrypto, Taylor Monahan, of course is on agreement. He says that planning opens up a range of future possibilities, including "multi-step transactions ."

The first step, however, suggests Spence, involves concentrating on MyCrypto to take what it has "and making it easier to understand and use more easily, from a UX / onboarding / handholding perspective.

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