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How blockchain is used to secure transactions

Of Corporate Security Magazine | Tuesday 1 December 2020 Businesses can use blockchain technology to secure transactions and secure IT devices. FREMONT, CA: Blockchain technology is widely related to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Such currencies allow transactions to be recorded so that cybercriminals cannot easily tamper with them. But there …

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Making DeFi transactions on Ethereum safer

Decentralized finance continues to have its impact on the cryptocurrency market, and with more than $ 13 billion worth of total assets frozen, DeFi projects are clearly resonating with eager crypto investors. Yet as the DeFi space has progressed over the past year, a number of illegitimate projects have come …

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Bitcoin Blockseer’s first mining pool will censor transactions

The mining pool of DMG’s Blockchain Solutions subsidiary, Blockseer, will censor Bitcoin transactions to comply with regulations. Monero developer Riccardo Spagni expects greater control over Bitcoin transactions and proposes an increase in network privacy. A few weeks ago, DMG Blockchain Solutions announced the creation of a new mining pool. Part …

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