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Ziruo releases a support plan for tenants and eggshell owners with a maximum grant of nearly a month’s rent_ 东方 Fortune.com

[ad_1] Original title: Ziru released a support plan for eggshell tenant owners, with a maximum grant of nearly a month’s rent On December 4th, Ziru released a plan called “Warm Winter Guardian” on his app, aimingEggshell ApartmentsOf owners and tenantsSupport.Ziru expressed his willingness to do his best to helpEggshell ApartmentsThe …

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The reorganization lasts less than six months, Xiangcai shares will be issued nearly 6 billion, an expected increase of 4.2 billion, Xiangcai Securities

[ad_1] Original title: Less than six months after the reorganization, Xiangcai Securities has issued another fixed increase of nearly 6 billion and plans to increase its capital by 4.2 billion of Xiangcai Securities   loanShell listed less than six monthsXiangcai shares(600095.SH) plans to increaseBrokeragerank in the field. A few days ago,Xiangcai …

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Fed Meeting Minutes: Attending Officials Discuss or Update Asset Purchase Plan Guidelines Soon_ 东方 Fortune.com

[ad_1] Original title:[Global Finance]Fed meeting minutes: Attending officials discuss or update asset purchase plan guidelines soon United States Federal ReserveCommitteeNovember announced on 25currencypolicymeetingThe minutes show, join the meetingMidlandReserve officials discussed that asset purchase plan guidelines may be updated soon, including timing, duration, composition, etc., to provide more easing to the …

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