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Today brings its crystal ball to get the most accurate bitcoin price forecasts for 2019. Read the 2019 bitcoin price forecasts from the best experts in the industry

While the New Year's dance is about to fall, Bitcoin fans will have one desire: a great bull run. In this article, we are exploring Bitcoin 2019 price forecasts.

The CEO of Circle presents its forecasts on the bull market, calls for greater regulatory clarity

Get ready for a January crash

You do not need an experienced technical analyst or a crystal ball to determine what to expect from Bitcoin this January. Historically, every single year begins with a bloodbath for the largest cryptocurrency in the world. The media coverage of Bitcoin peaked in the first months of 2017 when the long-awaited digital currency suddenly dropped by -47%. However, that was not even the biggest January drop that BTC has recorded over the past five years.


January drop


-23.5 percent


-48.5 percent


-23.5 percent


-36.5 percent


-47 percent

Another example of Bitcoin seasonality is the Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year). Indeed, Bitcoin has followed the same model over the past three years, setting new lows that were immediately followed by price increases.

Forecasts for experts for 2019: Bitcoin bulls

Fran Strajnar: $ 200,000 by January 1, 2020
How tall will Bitcoin be? We are starting with an uber-bullish prediction made by the CEO of Brave New Coin who made an extravagant prediction, claiming that Bitcoin could reach $ 200,000 by early 2020. A & # 39; adoption of constantly growing Bitcoin will be the main driving force in the price of money.

Ronnie Moas: $ 28,000
During the World Crypto Con, Ronnie Moas shared his predictions for the end of 2019: $ 28,000. He also explained that the fall in prices in 2018 was just an obstacle on the road due to the fact that many investors have embarked on a sales spree. Moas also encouraged hodlists not to lose confidence in the currency.

Mike Kayamori: a brand new ATH in 2019
Mike Kayamori, the chief executive of the main Japanese Quoine exchange, expects Bitcoin to repay in 2019 as "the fund is close". The Japanese financial services agency (FSA) is actively collaborating with the cryptocurrency industry, which sets the stage for Kayamori's bullish forecasts.

Sonny Singh: $ 20,000 by the end of 2019
Sonny Singh of Bitpay has come up with one of the most optimistic forecasts, as he thinks Bitcoin will rise to $ 20,000 next year, matching the current ATH. Bakkt launching Bitcoin futures in January is one of the main reasons why this goal is not far-fetched.

The CEO of Bakkt announces the postponement of bitcoin futures

Andy Cheung: $ 20,000
Andy Cheung is another industry expert who believes that the Bitcoin could match his current ATH of $ 20,000 the following year. Cheung defines it as a conservative value prediction & # 39; of the future of Bitcoin. Moreover, he believes that Ethereum, one of the biggest losers of 2018, will shine even more after the impending stiff fork.

In particular, Kevin Murcko, CEO of CoinMetro, recently shared his forecast of $ 20,000 if the Bitcoin ETFs were approved by the SEC.

Mitch Blakeway: $ 12,000
Just like Singh, Quantatex's Mitch Blakeway sees the launch of Bakco's Bitcoin futures and NASDAQ will be the main catalyst for Bitcoin's growth in 2019. That said, the price of Bitcoin could rise to $ 12,000, and the scrambled evangelizers can expect it to grow further in 2020 when the next halving of Bitcoins occurs.

Mike Novogratz: $ 10,000 in the first quarter of 2019
In September, Mike Novogratz, the huge Bitcoin supporter of Wall Street, said the currency would be able to decipher $ 10,000 in the first quarter of 2019 due to an influx of institutional money. Once there are multiple custody solutions, Bitcoin will be seen as a store of value.

In particular, Novogratz has been ridiculed due to the constant cut in its short-term forecasts for 2018, but still believes that BTC could even reach $ 20,000.

Mike Novogratz, Goldman Sachs invests in a startup that stores Crypto

Entering the bearish territory

Anthony Pompliano: $ 3,000 in Q3
It is rather strange to hear a discomforting price prediction from permabull Anthony Pompliano. The head of Morgan Creek Digital Assets believes that the cryptocurrency market will remain in the doldrums until the third quarter of 2019 with Bitcoin potentially finding the minimum below the $ 3000 level. After that, the sky is the limit for Bitcoin – Pomp provides that could eventually break the $ 50,000 threshold in the near future.

Bobby Lee: $ 2500 in the first quarter of 2019
Bobby Lee, the brother of Fundstrat Tom Lee, who is also the founder of the first Chinese exchange, the BTCC, is sure that Bitcoin could have the fund from the first quarter of 2019 with its price below the level of $ 2,500.

Arthur Hayes: the bears will remain supreme in 2019
BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes, who previously thought Bitcoin would be able to exceed the $ 50,000 threshold this year, has recently made a reversal. Now, Hayes does not see Bitcoin's return from the current situation in 2019 with the price of BTC falling below $ 2000.

Peter Brandt: $ 1,200
The veteran of technical trading Peter Brandt does not see the recovery of Bitcoin in 2019 – his prediction is $ 1,200 if the price of Bitcoin falls below the psychological value of $ 3000 (the peak cryptocurrency was already at the top of this year).

At the same time, the possibility of Bitcoin rising to the stars above its current peak is also on the table, says Brandt. Emphasize that you do not want to be perceived as a Bitcoin hate.

In particular, in January Brandt defined precisely the decline of 80 million bitcoins. If the price drops to the $ 1,200 level, it is certain that even the most ardent encryption enthusiasts will consider the idea of ​​jumping the ship.

Brian Armstrong predicts that the imminent financial crisis will lead to the adoption of the mainstream crypt

Bitcoin is going to $ 0? Join the Bitcoin enemies party

Calvin Ayre, founder of Bitcoin Cash, is on the same wavelength with Roger Ver of Bitcoin Jesus, claiming that BCH will make his older brother totally irrelevant. Recently, Ayre expressed his bold prediction that the price of Bitcoin will fall to $ 0 in 2019 due to its low scalability. At the same time, he does not think that BSV's fork has participated in the November market crash.

Ironically, Erik Finman, a teenage millionaire who earned over $ 4 million during the Bitcoin peak, is also turning his back on Bitcoin, claiming that the most important currency will eventually be replaced by Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Finman says that tons of infighting killed Bitcoin.

The biggest exchanges are exchanging new Bitcoin cash coins, a hard gallows took place

Speaking of "doomsayers", one should also mention the notorious critic Bitcoin Nouriel Roubini who is sure that Bitcoin will be worth "in due course". The American stock broker Peter Shiff, who is particularly famous for predicting the collapse of the real estate market, is sure that Bitcoin could reset itself. In addition, he recently shredded CNBC anchor Brian Kelly for bending up Bitcoin after his boundless shilling.

What can push the price of Bitcoin in 2019?

  1. A peak in the adoption of real life. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) admits that this year has been a year & # 39; hard & # 39; for Bitcoin but expects more real Bitcoin applications in 2018. However, this could change in 2019 and eventually push the price of BTC much higher. It is also expected that the adoption of xRapid by global banks will have a knock-on effect for Bitcoin.

  2. Institutional investors participate. Many experts are in agreement with Mike Novogratz: 2019 will be the year of institutional money. The launch of Bakkt's Bitcoin futures is, of course, one of the most anticipated events at the start of 2019, since CME's future Bitcoin launches, the largest futures exchange in the world, was one of the reasons for the unprecedented peak. The small steps of Fidelity, Yale and other big names were already a forerunner of what will happen next year.

  3. The US SEC gives the go-ahead to a Bitcoin ETF. It should be kept in mind that the SEC has postponed its decision to the long-awaited Bitcoin ETF. The final decision is expected no sooner than February 2019, clarifying its "rock" reports so far with Bitcoin ETFs.

  4. Find the domain again. Many smaller altcoins are crashing, and it is a good opportunity for Bitcoin to regain its dominant position (which is currently 53.1%). Bitcoin is losing billions, but the whole cryptographic market is in an even worse position, with 70% of all ICOs failing the initial assessment. Global management consulting company A.T. Kearney predicts that Bitcoin will control 2/3 of the entire cryptocurrency market.

  5. Regulatory clarity. While the United States remains the main market for Bitcoin, the legislators of the country still need to bring more clarity to the table, which prevents large institutions from plunging completely into the crypt. 2018 was the year of a Congressional hearing and the first encrypted bills. Will there be a big change in 2019?

Forecasts on bitcoin prices: then and now

The definition of a bullish forecast of Bitcoin prices has definitely changed compared to the historic race of 2017. In 2016, a forecast of $ 2,200 for 2018 was considered "pretty and bullish", but all the experts who would dare to give voice to these numbers today would automatically join the bear club.

The main figures in Crypto are unable to provide realistic forecasts on the price of BTC

In all honesty, not all were super-rational on a Bitcoin price forecast even in the pre-ATH era. For example, a Coindesk survey found that 56% of Bitcoin enthusiasts were certain that Bitcoin would reach $ 10,000. Of course, Bitcoin's opponents were quick in I-tell-you-so-it, but little did they know what would happen to Bitcoin in just two years. The only difference is that this prediction was crazy in 2014 while anything below the current Bitcoin ATH will not even go up.

In 2013, the Winklevoss brothers also made a bold prediction that Bitcoin would have been able to reach as much as $ 40,000 but did not specify the exact date. There have also been predictions that Bitcoin could also hit $ 1 million. On the downside, there have been numerous occasions when it was predicted that the price would fall to zero. In reality, the Bitcoin pessimists have already done it for more than 317 times, but somehow the king of the crypt remains there. For example, this notorious article was published in 2011 (!).

Just to be safe, it can be expected that the price of Bitcoin could rise to $ 1 million or tank at $ 0.

Time traveler from the future: Bitcoin will hit 100,000 in 2019

Now that we have covered the past predictions for Bitcoin, we become a bit desperate and recall the viral post on r / Bitcoin which was published in 2013. A Reddit user claimed that he was writing his predictions directly from the 2025. the price forecasts for 2015 and 2017 were more accurate than those of the CNBC experts (I'm sorry, Tom Lee). The time traveler believes that Bitcoin will be able to break the $ 100,000 milestone in 2019, making it the most bullish forecast on our list of Fran Strajnar.

Are Bitcoin prices predicted?

On December 13, the crypto Tom Lee said he will not make any predictions about Bitcoins. The CEO of Fundstrat explains that the reason for this decision is the intrinsic volatility of Bitcoin. Previously, Lee predicted that the world's largest crypt would reach $ 25,000 by the end of 2018. U.Today also remembers the most embarrassing 2018 Bitcoin price predictions:

He later changed his prediction to $ 15,000 when Bitcoin entered the spiral of death, but this figure is still far from where Bitcoin stands today – $ 3,886 at the time of printing.

Although it may seem that Lee is making a scene, we can not blame him – Bitcoin has a weakness for wild price fluctuations. Furthermore, the birth of the cryptography industry makes it very sensitive to the current news cycle (for example, the announcement about Winklevoss's refusal of ETF did so instantly in the major news headlines and made up for it. at the price of Bitcoin).

Cryptocurrency is dead? Why Bitcoin and Altcoin hit an obstacle?

However, the bad (and frankly random price forecasts) extend to the whole asset class. Gold, for example, is valued at $ 1,200, while many industry experts like Peter Schiff have predicted that an & # 39; ounce would be worth $ 5,000. 2018 also had many surprises for the stock market, with most analysts predicting that the S & P 500 would end up at 3,000 by the end of this year (at the time of the press, it is equal to 2416).

Since most of these predictions do not translate into reality, the real question is why these meteorologists also worry about them.

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