You will do it yourself and you will learn the result in 30 minutes. You won’t need to go around hospitals


In the United States, a new type of corona virus test kit has been approved that provides results in 30 minutes and can be performed completely at home. This device, which revolutionized virus testing and diagnosis, was developed by a company called Lucira Health. This emergency test kit will be tested with limited use.

According to the AA report, in a statement released by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is stated that the institution has approved the use of the corona test kit developed by the California-based company Lucira Health, which can be made at home and provides results in 30 minutes, in emergency situations.

However, it was claimed that the use of the kit, which was initially noted to be limited and will be administered by prescription, could be used in medical practices and other testing areas.

For testing, the user must take a sample from the nose and place it in a kit designed as a portable device. The test result is displayed on an illuminated part of the device in the form of a screen.

To date, the FDA has approved approximately 300 test kits. Most of the tests in these kits must be done in a laboratory setting by taking a nose sample from a healthcare professional.

“FDA Officer Jeff Shuren”Now, Americans who may be infected with Kovid-19 will be able to take immediate action to protect themselves and those around them, according to the (test) results. “ he used the expression.



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