With a lung, Pope Francis shows absolute IRRESPONSIBILITY: he refuses to wear a mask, risking the health of those around him – News from sources


Pope Francis faces a lot of criticism for not wearing a mask when meeting people. Last week, Pope Francis wore a mask during a prayer service in Rome, the second time he was seen with his face covered.

Pope Francis faces a lot of criticism because he rarely wears a mask when he meets people, even at home. Some prominent Catholic figures said they should lead by example and protect their health, writes mediafax.ro.

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In a weekend meeting between the pope and the Spanish prime minister at the Vatican, no one wore a mask during the public part of the event. Although Pedro Sánchez wore a mask when he arrived at the Vatican, the two, as well as their assistants, gave up before the private meeting, writes The Guardian.

Last week, Pope Francis wore a mask during a prayer service in Rome, the second time he was seen with his face covered.

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The next day, at the weekly general audience in the Vatican auditorium, he no longer wore the mask, although at the end of the audience the Pope greeted several bishops with whom he shook hands and talked closely with each other.

Earlier this month, Robert Mickens, a 30-year-old Vatican correspondent, posted on Twitter a “very disturbing” image of the masked pope at a gathering “with large numbers of people, many of whom take off their masks to speak”. with him. And the Pope kisses the hands of newly ordained priests “.

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Vatican regulations state that masks must be worn indoors and out, where social distancing can be difficult.

There have been 27 cases of coronavirus in the Vatican, according to a Johns Hopkins University report.

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Pope Francis, who is 83 and has only one lung after another was removed due to an infection as a teenager, would be at risk of serious complications if he contracted the virus.

Last week, Thomas Reese, a Jesuit priest and journalist, wrote an open letter to the pope outlining six reasons why he should wear a mask.

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“Then we just realized. He wants to stay open and accessible and keep his social distance. Everyone is trying to find their own balance, but I know he was less responsible than some would like him to be,” said Austen Ivereigh, a biographer of the Pope.


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