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Why bias when there is one?

Ömer Koç, chairman of Koç Holding's board of directors, said, em While we have every reason to unite, we are instead polarizing. The borders between us are becoming more evident

Ömer Koç, Chairman of Koç Holding's Board of Directors, said: ihtiyaç In order for the investment necessary for our country to start much more, the investment environment should be improved for both domestic and foreign investors. All investors are waiting impatiently for the structural transformation of the government and the economic stability program In our News Magazine, Koç Holding's Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ömer Koç, took part in the 32nd Top Executive Meeting of the Koç Group.

Establish a new world order

Defining this period as a "transfer of opposites", Koç said: Ortam Founded in the aftermath of the Second World War, we have enjoyed unprecedented economic development and peace in history for 70 years. But this order is now in danger. Developed countries, including the United States of America, which create an economic policy based on liberalization, globalization and multinational cooperation, tend to enter the home instead of sharing welfare with other countries. America, rather than leadership, seeks to protect the unipolar order to dissolve into different political, economic and social models, such as China, Russia or India, as a new world order in which the actors are starting to have a say. "

We have every reason to join

Koç said that the internet and mobile technologies have demolished the boundaries between people, but in today's world, countries are heavily dependent on one from the other, such as commerce, finance, information, data, labor, migration and climatic conditions. Koç states that the decrease in the level of happiness of people is a big problem, while While there are all the reasons to unite, instead we polarize. The borders between us are becoming more evident. Obviously, in the next period, we will witness the conflict of international cooperation, intersection, free trade and protectionism, in other words, the battle of oppositions.

Fundamental rights

Aries, societies more open and tolerant towards the world in order to feel the people in their own country without caring about the future, at ease and safety, underlining that, underlining national sovereignty, effectively balancing international cooperation in defining policies is inevitable, he has declared. Referring to some data in the index published by the US-based think tank Freedom House each year, he said that fundamental democratic rights and freedoms, such as free and fair elections, freedom of the press, minority rights and the status of right, they have diminished in the last ten years.


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