Where are the cryptocurrency emojis?


Dear Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and the rest of you "social media" platforms, where the hell do you hide the cryptocurrency emoji? I mean, Telegram. You too …

All right though, because Slack has his back to us – in a sort of round fashion.

A nameless hero gave you (and us) a way to anger your colleagues who can no longer endure listening to your incessant ramblings about Bitcoin, Ethereum, "hodling", "mooning" and all that cryptography: insert Cryptoemoji.

If you want, you can upload them to your Slack (or Discord) by downloading the emjoi package from Cryptoemoji and following the instructions here.

The only problem is that you have to load them individually, but you do not care, because you are probably a crypto-millionaire and you have servants who can do

Now you can give free rein to your cryptic-libertarian agenda on blockchain Muggles of your office, and you will not even have to leave your desk! This is another victory for blockchain!

 cryptocurrency, emoji, slack, bitcoin

 cryptocurrency, emoji, bitcoin, slack

 cryptocurrency, emoji, slack, bitcoin

 cryptocurrency, emoji, bitcoin, slack

That said, there is a real possibility that your colleagues do not give a damn. I posted the underneath in one of TNW's most active Slack channels, and well, literally no one noticed or knocked a cover, except for three 🔥. Of course, the people here are too used to our excessive use of the terms of cryptocurrency, they do not notice it anymore.

 cryptocurrency, bitcoin, slack, emoji

I think it's obvious that we need these new emojis in our lives, so pull your finger on the social media platforms of the world . Cryptocurrency and blockchain are here to stay, so get on the cart. The ball is now in your court, social titans.

Published 3 August 2018 – 14:57 UTC

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