Wheelchairs users can now print receipts for BTC, BCH and LTC encryption transactions

  Blockchair users can now print receipts for your cryptographic transactions BTC, BCH and LTC

Blockchair: print receipts for your encryption Transactions

Now you can print clear receipts that detail cryptocurrency transactions: through a tweet on their page Blockchair announced that it is now possible to print PDF receipts by browsing through their page. must save the ID of the transaction in question in order to be able to use it later during the transaction follow-up.

About Blockchair

Blockchair is a platform that provides information on the main cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash: the platform provides details on the size of the blocks and the distribution of the hash rate, as well as information on these encrypted per minute and information on the best extracted block. [19659006] The new functionality of Blockchair that allows printing of PDF receipts has received a positive welcome from fans of their own thread on Twitter. There are rarely paper copies of their transactions and this is essential for keeping track of transactions. Most fans could not wait for the implementation since it was a fantastic move.

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