The diplomas are now issued via Blockchain with the University of Bahrain


Blockchain technology is unique in its ability to track information without it being modified or removed after being posted. Many industries are discovering that this type of tracking benefits them greatly. Now, the University of Bahrain is applying the technology to its own diplomas for students, as reported by Trade Arabia on January 13thth.

This article states that the university has collaborated with Learning Machine, a startup that publishes official records via blockchain, with the open Blockcerts standard. This follows a recent report that the local government focused on the need for blockchain technology for the economy, which was published in September.

At that time, the Minister of Electricity and Water, Abdul Hussain Mirza said,

"Blockchain's ability to protect user data is a real sign of progress, especially since it can be applied in a variety of companies in different industries, including IT security."

The decision of the university to undertake this initiative is not just about the diplomas. Instead, it is the party of a strategy that involves digitization for mobile students. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) decided to follow the example of digital certificates, releasing them to their graduates during a pilot program in 2017 that began in mid-October.

CoinTelegraph recently analyzed the process of how MIT is managing the use of the Blockcerts platform to award diplomas. The goal of MIT is to reduce the risk of tampering with student academic credentials.

To elaborate, the Blockcerts development team said:

"Blockcerts provides a decentralized credential system.The Bitcoin blockchain acts as a trusted provider and credentials are tamper resistant and verifiable.The blockcerts can be used in the context of academic, professional and workforce credentials."

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