VIDEO Igor Dodon does not admit defeat, but declares himself ‘ready for any scenario’: ‘Our calculations show that we are making a big difference’ – News from sources


Igor Dodon, the current president of the Republic of Moldova, claims to have won the presidential elections in the country, despite the two exit polls showing a different reality. However, Dodon says he is ready for any scenario after counting the votes in the diaspora.

“I come with gratitude to all citizens, who have shown massive mobilization. We have a greater presence even than in 2016. We have a very large participation in the diaspora both in the East and in the West. We also have a large participation on the left bank of the Dniester. I will not refer to the assessments of how the vote went, especially in the diaspora.

I am optimistic about the results of this election. Our calculations show that we are making a big enough difference without the vote in the Diaspora and the Transnistrian region. But we are ready for any scenario, just like my opponent. But we must all show responsibility. There was a lot of hatred, I would say, fighting to the limit, but ready, the elections are over. I ask everyone to be in peace, quiet and calm.

Starting tomorrow, apart from who will accumulate the most votes, it matters what happens in the Republic of Moldova, what happens in Parliament, how we will vote on the budget for 2021, fiscal policy.

Society has been too divided in this campaign, so I urge you to be calm and calm.

Tomorrow morning we will have a meeting with the prime minister and we will decide on all the problems that people face. I urge you all to calm down, there is so much dirt. It is time to go back to normal, to solve the problems of citizens, “said Igor Dodon.

According to two exit polls conducted on election day, Maia Sandu won the second round of presidential elections, more than 10% ahead of the incumbent president, Igor Dodon.


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