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The entrance of the Venezuelans in Ecuador, which from Sunday to midnight will require a humanitarian visa, has accelerated in recent days and the situation has generated uncertainty on the international bridge in Rumichaca.

Authorities predict that the flow of Venezuelan migrants will reach its highest point today.

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Edin Moreno, governor of Carchi, Ecuador province, said that today 5000 foreigners should enter through Rumichaca.

Government ministry officials distributed some celestial handles assigned with a shift number to Venezuelan citizens, to avoid disorganization before accessing the 18 windows in which it is verified that migrants have all their documents in order.

Covered with blankets to quell the cold of Tulcán (2,980 meters above sea level), foreigners rushed on their journey to pass through the filter without a visa.

However, Some Venezuelans go through the controls hoping to make use of the regularization of the amnesty and immigration that will be promoted by the Ecuadorian government starting next October.

Ipiales Notice

The mayor of Ipiales, Colombia, Ricardo Romero Sánchez, declared Friday the public calamity in the municipality before the massive arrival of Venezuelan citizens headed to Ecuador. The municipal administration has declared that so far 782,828 Venezuelans have crossed the Rumichaca bridge. The situation has collapsed in this region of the country.

Statistics show that at least 3,000 people cross each day along this border crossing between Colombia and Ecuador.

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The alert was decreed because the municipality has no national border centers. The lack of control has led to irregular situations, such as the presence of illegal managers, the theft of luggage and the sale of psychoactive substances.

According to Marisol Peñafiel, consul of Ecuador in Ipiales, the massive arrival of migrants to this border is due to the government decree which explains that from Monday to that territory can enter only people who have one of the models of visa established by the law on human mobility. Users wishing to obtain a humanitarian visa that will allow them to reside and work in Ecuador for a period of two years can complete the process through the website

Peñafiel said this "Ecuador has a protocol of assistance for children, adolescents and their families in a situation of human mobility that allows inter-institutional actions to provide assistance and assistance".

The national plan for human mobility of the Ecuadorian Red Cross said that between 2,500 and 3,000 people enter the Ipiales border crossing every week.

Of these, 80 percent are in transit to other countries, such as Peru, Chile or Argentina. The other 20% remains in Ecuador, mainly in Quito, Guayaquil or Manta.

Among the Venezuelan citizens who waited there was no lack of those who released the pressure criticizing the government of Nicolás Maduro. "Maduro has closed our country. We have dishonored our lives. See how everyone has us here ", complained emigrant Jhon Ormasa.

The Foreign Ministry of Ecuador has allowed, on Wednesday, in its virtual consulates the possibility that Venezuelans who wish to emigrate to the country can apply for a humanitarian visa.

The procedure can be performed by all citizens of that country online and, after completing various fields of documentation, the applicant must participate in a face-to-face interview at the Ecuadorian consulates in Lima, Caracas or Bogotá. The procedure includes the payment of 50 dollars for the visa application form and the obligation to present a passport with a term not exceeding five years.

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