Venezuelan protest in Australia against Maduro


23 January 2019 07:37
Updated January 23, 2019 at 08:24

The Venezuelans protest this Wednesday in several cities of Australia to ask for the departure of Nicolás Maduro. Through Twitter, users have posted videos of the protests taking place in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

According to publications on social networks, people have participated in the call of the leaders of the National Assembly (AN) and have decided to support the event to be held in Caracas from 10:00.

The Venezuelans abroad came with the Venezuelan flag, tricolor hats, banners and slogans in which they shouted "Get out of Maduro!".

"We must fight all of us, we must give encouragement to our friends in Venezuela, to families, to all those who are there to work, we must give them the strength to take to the streets, the strength to resist, we will return to our country We will speak from Melbourne , we want to tell you, Caracas, that we will be better than Melbourne and better than Paris, Viva Venezuela! ", said a Venezuelan citizen residing in Melbourne.

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