US elections | Good news for vaccines, after election Trump announced to attack Pfizer FDA for political purposes – Hong Kong Apple Daily


  1. US elections | Good news for vaccines to be announced after the election that Trump attacks Pfizer FDA for political purposesHong Kong Apple Daily
  2. 【Pfizer vaccine】 Are there any stocks in Hong Kong? Pfizer BioNTech’s New Corona Vaccine Rushes to Zhang Jianzong Gate: Funds Reserved to Approve Hong Kong Population Outbreak Prevention and RelaxationHong Kong Economic Times-News
  3. Pfizer said it initially showed the new corona vaccine’s effective prevention rate exceeded 90 percent.Hong Kong Radio
  4. Vaccine Dawn | Read the Pfizer vaccine details and review progress in various countries in one articleHong Kong Apple Daily
  5. The Associated Press lists “5 steps” to analyze Pfizer’s vaccine development processWorld daily
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