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120,000 people in the Tai Po Facebook group were destroyed overnight, claiming netizens involved in hate speech are calling for a ride to MeWe | News | Real Time | 20201205

After the elections in the United States, Facebook and Twitter suspected the censorship of speech. Aside from the dissatisfaction of right-wingers in the United States, Hong Kong also has a large number of dissatisfied voices and has begun to invite Hong Kongers to “transition” to use MeWe or Gab as …

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Brazil forces Apple to include chargers with new iPhones

Photo: Gizmodo. Brazilian authorities have requested Apple to include a charger with the new iPhones they intend to sell in the country, something like this they stopped doing since the arrival of iPhoen 12. This was determined by a government entity from the city of São Paulo (or São Paulo). …

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