Tenants were forced to leave egg shells and their homes burned, Hong Kong Apple Daily


  1. Tenants were forced to relocate due to the eggshell explosionHong Kong Apple Daily
  2. Hundreds of thousands of people in the eggshell apartment are blown up for fear of being homeless and turn into a great test of humanity (photo, with film) -Hong Kong Economic Times-China Channel-Social HotspotHong Kong Economic Times-China Political Economy
  3. The tenant of the Eggshell apartment died after being forced to move in an arson attackEpoch Times
  4. Eggshells explode across the country | Guangzhou tenant suspected of being forced to move to burn down his house and roommate: he just graduated and has no jobHong Kong Apple Daily
  5. “Eggshell” Falling into Story Fragments | Initium MediaMedia | Initium Media
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