US election: Joe Biden confuses US President Donald Trump with George Bush – politics abroad


Joe Biden (77) has forgotten the name of the incumbent US President …

For the “I’ll Vote” digital concert hosted by Biden’s campaign team on Sunday, the Democratic presidential candidate spoke about the US election ahead of the event.

Biden obviously confused US President Donald Trump (74) with former US President George W. Bush! Biden said: “How will our country change? Four more years with George … er, George … if Trump is re-elected, we’ll be in a completely different world. “

US President Trump responded to the slip via Twitter. Trump wrote: “Joe Biden called me George yesterday. He couldn’t remember my name. “

Biden “received the help of the moderators to complete the interview”. The “fake news sign” wanted to cover up the slip.

George W. Bush was in office from 2001 to 2009. He was the predecessor of Barack Obama, whose vice president was Joe Biden. However, Biden could also have meant Bush’s father: George HW Bush Sr. was president from 1989 to 1993.

Former US President George W. Bush (74) in October 2017

Former US President George W. Bush (74) in October 2017Photo: picture alliance / AP Photo

Biden has often been accused by his opponents of being insane. In general, his old age is a major point of attack for the Trump team – at 77, Biden simply isn’t mentally fit enough for the Oval Office anymore.


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