US election campaign: Donald Trump withdraws advertising money from Florida


US President Donald Trump has apparently withdrawn nearly all of his campaign funds from the state of Florida. This was reported by the US news portal Bloomberg with reference to the advertising analysis platform.

As a result, Trump still has a $ 350,275 ad spending budget on Election Day in Florida. In the past two weeks, however, it has slashed its budget by a total of $ 5.5 million.

Florida is actually one of the most important swing states. With 29 voters, it is one of the most influential states ever. In 2016 Trump won here by a margin of 1.2 percentage points.

According to Bloomberg, Trump will now focus on four states in the north of the country: Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Pennsylvania. They have been seen as guarantors of Trump’s election victory in 2016. However, the US president is currently lagging behind in all four states. In Florida, Democratic challenger Joe Biden also leads the polls, albeit only slightly.

Florida permits postal voting

Florida is one of the states that allows its citizens to vote without restriction by mail before the official election date of November 3. Trump, whose official residence is in the state, has already cast his vote here. “I voted for a boy named Trump,” the US president said Saturday.

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