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US criminals who are free due to the closure of the Administration

The partial closure of the US government, which is now four weeks away, not only caused a forced rupture for its officials, but also interrupted investigations that are damaging the country's judicial system.

The US courts remain closed. AFP

Federal prosecutors in the United States said on Friday that the investigations were stopped and that the criminals were released due to the partial closure of the government that lasted four weeks.

Still on mission, despite not being paid during this forced break, about 6,000 US prosecutors have claimed that many of the support services they depend on for their cases, such as DNA tests, are not available. and that the funds needed to carry out the investigations have been blocked.

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"The government's ability to guarantee justice is compromised by the closure of the government," the National Association of Assistant Federal Prosecutors (NAAUSA) said in a statement.

"The lack of travel funds, for example, excludes the availability of interviews by federal agents and prosecutors with victims and witnesses of crimes," added the association.

Prosecutors noted that "in some cases, DNA testing is not done in a timely manner, some quotes are not addressed, crime investigations and grand jury panels are slowing down, while criminals are still at large."

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NAAUSA said that many of the substitute prosecutors, who work under US prosecutors in 93 jurisdictions across the country, also find it difficult to pay bills.

The closure was triggered by a dispute between the government and the democratic opposition, since Trump calls for $ 5,700 million to be allocated to finance a wall on the US-Mexico border to curb illegal immigration.

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