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"Upskirting": Law in England forbids taking pictures under rock news abroad

Those who secretly photograph women under their skirts are threatened with imprisonment in the United Kingdom! The upper chamber of the British parliament is now legally established. For upskirting, performers can go to jail for up to two years.

This was achieved by the activist Gina Martin (27), who became a victim of an upskirt a year and a half ago. In July 2017, she was initially harassed by a stranger at a music festival in London.

Then he photographed under the skirt and sent the registration via WhatsApp to a friend who was lurking nearby. He immediately realized that he was the victim of this intimate close-up, said Gina Martin.

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For Gina Martin, her personal horror "in the middle" was the occasion for her initiative – in the end, she created a new law that can put criminals behind barsPhoto: ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP

The trigger of Gina Martin to act: a police officer forced the man to immediately delete the photo, but further investigations against the perpetrator were soon set. Unlike Scotland, there was no ban on photographing under the Rock in England and Wales. Gina Martin: "This was the drop that overflowed the cane".

After the accident, he launched a one-month campaign to create a legal basis against the practice of degrading photography. With his petition, he has collected over 100,000 signatures to ask for the ban.

But in addition to huge support, Gina Martin also broke a wave of the worst internet abuse. He said: "I received threats of rape for a year.The tenor is that it was my fault to wear a skirt." He posted some of the disgusting news he received after his initiative Twitter account,

Meanwhile, Gina Martin also received an obstacle from politics: a conservative MP almost blocked the project by blocking the law in the lower house. Only the intervention of Prime Minister Theresa May (62) has finally helped to pass the "anti-rock photo law".

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