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According to the AP news agency, a large number of fake election participation publications in the state of Wisconsin have strengthened, generating likes, shares and comments that have reached hundreds of thousands of shares.

These publications came after Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden won a short-term victory Wednesday in what was considered important to the election outcome.

The shared messages fuel accusations that the vote was poorly conducted.

“It looks like a fraud,” Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump, wrote in a post shared on his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The picture posted by Eric Trump claims that there has been a huge and inexplicable increase in voter turnout in Wisconsin in this year’s election, showing the turnout rates over the past 20 years, and it shows that this year turnout reached 89.25%. .

In previous years, the picture shows incorrectly, the participation fluctuated between 67% and 73%.

The published image is based on incorrect accounting of electoral participation in that state.

The Wisconsin Electoral Commission calculates voter turnout based on the entire electoral population, not just registered voters.

Any eligible person over the age of 18 can vote and register to vote on election day.

As of Thursday, the number of votes appeared to be nearly 3.3 million, the highest ever recorded in Wisconsin, meaning a turnout of about 72 percent of the electoral-age population.

Participation was highest in 2004, with 73% of the voting age population participating in the vote.

A user of the social network Twitter mistakenly accused voting in that state of “fraud” and pointed out that only 3,129,000 people were registered to vote in Wisconsin, the registration number of voters just before the 2018 midterm elections. .

But, as of 7pm on Sunday, the Wisconsin Electoral Commission has submitted 3,684,726 registered voters.

This number, well above the 3,239,920 registered votes, does not include those qualified to register on election day.

In other words, there was no fraud in that state, only publications on social networks with outdated numbers.

The Wisconsin Electoral Commission has received “many calls” about these false rumors, the state’s top electoral authority, Meagan Wolfe, revealed.

“Wisconsin has no more votes than registered voters,” Wolfe said, demanding that “facts be shared rather than speculation or rumor.”

According to local media projections, Biden adds 264 delegates to Electoral College, barely reaching the 270 super-voters needed to win the White House.

According to the same data, Donald Trump has 214 Electoral College delegates.

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