Under what conditions would American cruise missiles be installed in Romania. What disturbs Putin


The United States could end up installing medium-range cruise missiles in Romania only in the context in which the Americans would lose their support for Turkey, while producing a serious crisis in the north of the Black Sea. Such an unlikely, but not impossible, scenario , would lead to a change in the status of Romania in the area, which at the moment would assume most of the responsibilities of Turkey, consider the analyst Claudiu Degerà, an expert in NATO matters, defense and studies. strategic.

The anti-missile shield of Deveselu has returned to the center of political disputes between Washington and Moscow, shortly after the White House meeting between Romanian president Klaus Iohannis and US president Donald Trump, and the success of the tests by the American medium-range cruise missiles.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the United States is currently able to launch a new ground-launch cruise missile in Romania and Poland, a scenario that it considers a "threat" to which Moscow must respond.

"Missile launches can be carried out by systems already located in Romania and Poland. You just have to change the software. And I don't think our American partners will even inform the European Union. This implies new threats for us to respond to "said Putin.

The "already" system in Romania to which Putin refers is the Aegis system, the main component of Deveselu's missile shield. The Aegis system includes a command center, radar and anti-ballistic interceptors.

Deveselu SM-3 interceptors are installed in special "containers" – VLS Mark 41 (VLS comes from "Vertical Launch System"). These "containers" are standard sizes for the United States Navy. Including Tomahawk cruise missiles can be installed in these VLSs.

Moscow's rhetoric is that the Deveselu interceptors, although they play a strictly defensive role, can therefore be replaced at any time with "offensive" Tomahawk-type missiles.

"Technically, you can, but with very big changes. But it would have no reason. This is not the priority. The priority is to have an anti-ballistic system located in Deveselu. More importantly, this is a politically integrated system and accepted in the NATO is integrated into what is called the Alliance's anti-aircraft defense system. NATO relies on this system and would lose a great deal if the Americans decided to turn Deveselu into a Tomahawk launch facility. because these missiles can be launched from combat ships in the Mediterranean, "says Degerà for Digi24.ro.

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