TSK strengthens the observation points in Idlib


The Turkish armed forces (TAF) have sent a military convoy containing several armored vehicles, personnel, aircraft carriers and ammunition to the observation points in the Idlib voltage reduction zone.

The TAF, the Idlib tension reduction area was strengthened in order to strengthen a large number of armored vehicles, personnel, personnel transporters and ammunition.

There are 12 observation points of the ceasefire belonging to the TAF in the framework of the Astana agreements in the Idlib tension reduction zone.


Idlib, northwestern Syria, has been known as the stronghold of adversaries since the start of the civil war. The center of Idlib, whose population has reached 4 million internal migrants, was under the control of dissidents in March 2015. Idlib is one of the most targeted areas of the regime.

Turkey, Russia and Iran in a meeting in Astana May 04-05 2017 of Idlib and the environment "The Voltage Reduction Zone" was declared. ceasefire regime forces often had violate Turkey and Russia on the additional memorandum.

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The regime's forces continue their attacks with the support of their supporters despite the agreement signed on September 17, 2018 in Sochi, Russia.

The Syrian Human Rights Network (SNHR) announced that at least 843 civilians were killed in the forces of the Assad regime in Syria and Russia's attacks on the Idlib tension zone on 26 April-19 August.

Tension reduction in the Idlib region by the migration process and following the information received by the Syrian intervention coordinator is granted, between Turkey and Russia in the Idlib region since the agreement was signed on 17 September 2018 during 945 992 thousand were civilians.

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