TRX coin creator Justin Sun provides $ 10 trillion of Crypto Market Cap, before Apple and Amazon

  TRX coin maker Justin Sun predicts $ 10 trillion crypto market capitalization, before Apple and Amazon

Tron's Justin Sun believes that the total value of cryptocurrency has hit tens of billions of dollars before two of the most big companies in the world

A recent talk with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin said he did not believe that cryptocurrency still had the potential to achieve total market growth of 1000 times as it once did. The unfortunate observation caused Ethereum to crash hard and fast, suddenly shocking the founder.

"If you talk to the average educated person at this point, you probably have heard of blockchain at least once.There is still an opportunity for a further 1,000-fold growth of anything in space. "

According to a Tweet released by Vitalik, the statement was misinterpreted by users, and intended instead:

" To be clear, I never said that there is "space for growth "in the cryptographic ecosystem, I said that there is no room for * 1000x price increases * A price increase of 1000 times from today means $ 200T in crypto, or ~ a whole 70% of today's global wealth is in crypt. "

Vitalik also added:

"What I * actually * said is that, because vast portions of the population have already heard to speak of crypts, a further growth of the crypt must in any case come from * depth * (that is, the actual use), and not bringing more attention. "

The last observation created a a ruckus in the cryptocurrency community, in which the leaders of the sphere made their comments on what the founder of Ethereum had to say. For example, Zhao, CEO of Binance, issued the following statement by reading Vitalik's clarification sentence:

"I still do not agree with this, I will say" Crypto will grow 1000 times and more! " The only achievement of the USD market capitalization will make it close to 1000x, (this is only a currency with severely limited use cases), and the derivatives market is much larger. "

Finally, Justin Sun of Tron spoke on the topic of the hot trend with his point of view on the topic:

"I believe that the wealth of the whole world will turn into cryptocurrencies like the black hole and grow much bigger in the future. will hit 10 million dollars of market capitalization before @Apple and @amazon do.We'll see, time will tell you #TRON #TRX $ TRX. "

Finally, Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum made the his statement to CNN, in disagreement with Buterin:

"There will be so much evolution in space, and everything that is a resource at this time will probably have a representation as a cryptographic resource in the future." There is so much growth in the future. "

The cryptocurrency market has gone through an extremely volatile period, with Ether reaching the lowest price in 11 months and Bitcoin still hovering just above $ 6,000 – showing that 2018 was not 39; productive year for cryptocurrency as expected by many people. 2017 was by far a better year for almost all currencies, especially the Bitcoin which hit a record high of nearly $ 20,000 and a large number of ICOs that raised billions of dollars in funds.

What do you think will happen in 2019? Will it be fairer than 2018 or will it decrease further? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below

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