Trump’s former personal attorney on what the US president will do on Investment Day: “He won’t be late at the White House. They’ll fire him.”


In an interview with MSNBC in which he talked about Donald Trump’s departure, his former personal attorney was skeptical that the incumbent president will actually fight for the blank canvas.

“Everyone has to take some peace pills. Donald Trump says a lot of illogical things. As was birterism (a conspiracy theory about the origin of Barack Obama – I have my detectives in Hawaii. Here’s what I found out . It’s a head-to-tail lie, 99.9% proportion, everything that comes out of the mouth is a big farce. He’s not going to be late in the White House after January 20. They kick him out. He knows too much. good.

His custom is to return on January 5th or 6th after the Christmas holidays. At that time he likes to go to Mar-A-Lago. I suspect he won’t even go back to Washington. I don’t think he will be present at the investiture, because in principle he is not the man who stands at a table knowing that all the rooms will be on him and everyone will consider him a loser. He couldn’t do it. “

Michael Cohen asked Trump to kindly leave, although he doubts that will ever happen.

“He doesn’t have enough strength of character to give in gracefully. He needs to keep his voters mobilized around him. For the next 30 years he will continue to say that his elections have been stolen and that he is the legitimate president. He will maintain his army. MAGA in position and prepared for his signal, will continue to be a threat. “

Michael Cohen, who published an explosive book about Donald Trump in which he claimed that the incumbent president had asked Putin for help out of “greed” in 2016, was sentenced to three years in prison for various fraud and violations of electoral laws. He’s serving his sentence at home.

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