Trump victory. The Senate confirms the choice of Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme


The US Senate confirmed on Monday the choice of ultra-conservative Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court Justice.

A victory for Donald Trump, who managed to get the nomination a few days before the elections and in record time. This is the current appointment of the current President of the United States for a life in the Supreme.

Democrats contest Barrett’s name, arguing that he is overly conservative on some sensitive issues, such as the right to abortion and the health system known as Obamacare.

The appointment of Judge Barrett, 48, guarantees a conservative 6-3 majority in the Supreme Court, which some analysts believe may be important in the short term, if the results of the November 3 elections are contested by Republicans, as already admitted. by President Donald Trump.

On Thursday, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden promised that, if elected, he would appoint a bipartisan commission to propose “profound” reforms to the justice system, considering that the US judicial system is “out”. control “.


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