Trump does not need to concede victory if he loses the election


(CNN) –– Granting a lost choice is the most elegant thing to do. It is an act that is usually part of the time when the country comes together after a divisive campaign.

But it is a custom, not a law.

According to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, President Donald Trump has told his allies that he has no plans to concede victory to Biden, even though his path to winning Electoral College is blocked. With Biden’s leadership in Georgia and Pennsylvania, Trump’s path to victory is nonexistent.

In general, there are two elements to a concession: a phone call to the winner and a speech to the fans.

Trump would not recognize Biden if he won the election 6:08

So they admitted the losing candidates in past elections

Hillary Clinton called Trump to concede victory in 2016 and turned to her supporters after it was clear he would lose. (Although he advised Biden not to concede if the election was close and let things unfold.)

John McCain set this modern standard of courtesy when he told supporters, “I recently had the honor of calling Senator Barack Obama to congratulate him on being elected as the next president of the country we both love.” Read here his statements in English.

Al Gore called George W. Bush to guarantee him victory on election night in 2000, though he later contacted him to retract when the results in Florida were close. Finally, Al Gore admitted: 36 days later, after the Supreme Court finished the count and handed the White House to Bush. He also gave a conciliatory speech to the nation, although his followers were furious at the result.

Trump tries to challenge the election results 3:40

If Trump loses …

At some point – perhaps not today, but perhaps until the legal options are exhausted – it will be clear to the people around Trump and Republicans in Congress that this is all over.

Perhaps it is then that Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence should play his official role of certifying the constituency’s vote count. Process that takes place in the Chamber of the Chamber in January.

Losers, who are generally part of the government, often witness the inauguration of the winner in modern times. It is unclear whether Trump can do this or not.

It could be an appropriate conclusion to Trump’s leadership style if he refuses to acknowledge his loss.

What the Constitution says

The Constitution is very clear that the new president will be sworn in on January 20 at noon. This will happen if Trump diplomatically loses or if he has to be escorted out of the Oval Office by the secret services. However, it’s not exactly clear what the secret services would do if Trump didn’t leave.

The secret services have begun to protect Biden more and more strictly. He has more agents around him and the airspace above Wilmington has been cleared. This fact suggests that the secret services understand that a transfer of power may be on the way, even if the current leader does not.

And there is a time of grace for Trump in the coming months.

I could read the letter George HW Bush left to Bill Clinton in the Oval Office after Clinton defeated him in 1992. Here is the full letter in English.

“You will be our president when you read this note. I wish him well. I wish your family the best. Your success is now our country’s success. I support him, ”Bush wrote to the man who defeated him.

And he didn’t have to.

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