Tron [TRX] records 2 million transactions a day, tweets Justin Sun


Tron [TRX] he recently managed to gain a position in the top 10 cryptocurrencies of the CoinMarketCap list and Justin Sun has no intention of stopping at that. Justin Sun took on Twitter to share some interesting progress in terms of currency transactions. He tweeted:

"#TRON breaks two records today! 2.53 Tx per day and 32.284 per day to increase the address! Other developers of #EOS and #ETH have migrated to TRON! #TRX $ TRX"

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Sun had suggested that ETH and EOS developers migrate to Tron for a long time. Sun had tweeted saying:

"In the bear market, #The developers of Ethereum should migrate the token to #TRON immediately. 1.0 transaction fee, no gas in #TRX. 2. Compatible with #ETH, 0 migration cost. 3. 2000 TPS. 4. #List TRON dex. You can easily increase the value of the 100% token with high liquidity. $TRX "

Sun has also offered to save ETH and EOS from crashing their platform only if their developers migrate their dApps to Tron. With this current tweet, Sun informed that some EOS and ETH developers have moved to Tron, which was his only request listing multiple benefits.

Sun recently obtained approval for its Proposal 9, which aims to make the network developer friendly as it has reduced the cost of energy from 20 sun to 10 sun, reducing the cost of smart contacts.

Tron has marked the milestones in recent weeks as it has recorded transactions on 2 million and 700 thousand registered accounts. Sun claimed that Tron is making the history of the blockchain. Before today, Tron had overtaken Stellar Lumens by market capitalization. His tweet said:

"Second @CoinMarketCap, there are 159 trading pairs of #TRON which has already surpassed 157 Stellar trading pairs. #TRX was already listed in over 100 power plants, including Crypto / Crypto and Crypto / Fiat trading pairs "

However, this is not for the foundation. The founder had previously revealed that there would be more interesting announcements during the NiTron Summit 2019.

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