TRON Foundation Shares Tronics support plan successfully completes its third phase

TRON Foundation Shares Tronics support plan successfully completes its third phase

The Tronic support plan was designed with the sole purpose of improving the adoption of its TRX cryptocurrency currency. The Tron Foundation issued an official announcement on November 5, indicating that the third phase was successfully completed. The completion of this phase now paves the way for the publication of over eighty seven million TRX coins.

All these coins, which had previously been blocked by the Tron Foundation, will be released on a blocked address. The blocked address dedicated to hosting the coins was ranked number 498 out of 935 of the approximately 1000 existing TRX addresses. However, it is important to note that the number of tokens that are still held will not be affected by this version.

The support plan continues to make some progress

While announcing this news to the user community through its official blog, the platform stated that it had put in place measures that would allow it to resume returning to the people who supported it right from the start. According to the announcement, once more than eighty seven million TRX coins have been released, the new address will be substantially eliminated from its existing list of blocked addresses.

The Foundation went on to state that the digital assets that are still held by the platform should be matched with the funds used to finance its supporters. Users of the platform will be able to confirm it once all the TRX coins still held by the platform will be released in January 2020. Ownership of all previously issued addresses will be automatically transferred to the community.

However, its management will remain in the hands of the Foundation. This means that, at the end of the day, the funds that have been distributed to finance their supporters will always be related to digital resources that have not been made public.

How does Tron's future appear?

Tron Foundation was consistent in thanking its users for their continued support. In the past, it has been rated as the most engaging platform in the crypto universe. And it seems that this will not change very soon as it has also thanked the community for helping them reach over one hundred million users since it was published.

Commenting on this, he said that he was still confident that he would be able to achieve his goal of introducing a completely decentralized Web. The complete decentralization of the web will allow to continue to involve its supporters and the community of users who have been relentless in the support and trust in the platform.

It is expected that the support plan will pave the way for the Foundation to make some immediate changes to the total number of coins still in its possession. In the near future, there are plans to compile and publish a complete list of all the people who supported the project, as well as the contributions they have made since the beginning.

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