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[Haber görseli]Studies of criticism of the new system in the Presidency are not considered a global change, except for the issues in which complaints are intensified. The establishment of a structure in the Turkish Grand National Assembly is envisaged, such as the General Directorate of Laws and Decisions, which was closed following complaints by deputies that "the Assembly was ineffective .. In order to overcome the problem of the deputies who reach the ministers, the focus is on the creation of “lists of needs related to the investments that the provinces need.
After the presidential elections of June 23, the debate on the flames and many aspects of the party criticized the new system in order to eliminate the interruptions of the work that started largely at the end. With the start of the new legislative year, there may be some changes to the system. However, it is stressed that these amendments will be small-scale implementation changes that will eliminate the criticisms that have particularly caused the complaints of the deputies and that the TGNA was ineffective. First of all, before the Parliament goes on vacation, the system focuses on the systemization of the shift minister Bakan ılan, which was launched on the "We cannot reach ministers" deputies. According to the national and foreign programs of weekly or daily ministers, depending on the situation, a minister will be in Parliament in the days of the General Assembly.

Offices to be established
From the introduction of the new system, there have been problems in drafting the laws. Since the government authority to present the bill to the TGNA was abolished with the new system, draft texts prepared in the presidency or ministries are sent to the AKP group. Following the meetings with the deputies who will sign more proposals in the ambit of the AKP group, the bill is submitted to the presidency of the TGNA. Here the new system is concentrated to prevent disconnection and loss of time in the laws and decisions of the Prime Minister under the general direction of the laws and the establishment of a structure similar to the General Assembly. The Assembly has the presidency of laws and decisions. However, the managers of the AKP point out that the presidency only carries out routine tasks, that it is not very involved in the legislative process and that experienced staff can be expanded and made more effective in the future.
Another issue raised during the work of the presidency is focused on the adoption of measures to avoid discussions within the party due to inequality between ministers and party leaders in electoral districts and other progress. Within the framework of the studies on the new system, the proposal of the Office for Deputies olan, which has been the subject of much discussion in previous years, could again be resumed. In the party "If parliamentarians participate in legislative processes, they should have cadres to support them. Therefore, the office system must be implemented. "

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