Tippet's bot by Trons GoSeedit TRX for Twitter and Telegram hits 18 million, a record

  Tron & # 39; s GoSeedit TRX Mace Tipping Bot for Twitter and Telegram hits 18 million, a record

GoSeedit marks a new record; 18 Million TRX Tipped

The Tron network (TRX) continues to expand with various platforms that are working with this project. In a tweet uploaded by GoSeedIt on September 13, the company announced that it had surpassed 18 million TRXs with the tip with over 265,000 suggestions.

The biggest advice of September 13 was 38,000 TRX according to the Tweet uploaded by the company. At current market prices, these TRX 18 million are equivalent to $ 360,000 dollars.

Users who want to tip other people can do it in a very simple way. You can tip with Telegram or Twitter. Most suggestions, however, are performed via Telegram.

To suggest other users, you must interact with @ GoSeedItBot and create a new TRX address on Telegram. The sending of TRX can be performed by replying to a message and using the / tip command, for example / tip 100 Bitcoin.

Due to the incredible positive reception of GoSeedIt, the number of new accounts on Tron mainnet has increased significantly, exceeding those of EOS. The number of Tron's accounts was 66,206 when GoSeedIt was launched. Today, that number has exceeded 345,000. This means that the number of accounts has grown by 425% in just a month.

In the future, the platform should continue to grow and reach new highs. The GoSeedIt application seems to have very positive effects for Tron and the entire network. It helps users who do not own Tron to get in touch with this virtual currency for the first time, and also allows the community to have a richer interaction.

At the time of the writing of the article, Tron is the 13th most important cryptocurrency in the market with a market capitalization of $ 1.32 billion. Each TRX token can be purchased for $ 0.020021 dollars according to CoinMarketCap.

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