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The price of bitcoin rises to a three-year record

Bitcoin owners and traders had their Cyber ​​Monday with the price of the cryptocurrency reaching $ 20,000 on Tuesday. The price hike comes with more institutional investors, supply halved, transaction support from traditional platforms such as eBay, and recognition and development of the blockchain, a key technology adopted by Bitcoin, …

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Bitcoin cryptocurrency hits record high finance news

It’s been a wild year for bitcoin, which has risen more than 175% since the end of 2019. Prices have dropped below A $ 5450 in March. markets around the world have collapsed due to the COVID-19 economic crisis. Bitcoin has staged a remarkable recovery despite the recession in the …

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Bitcoin on record ripping towards $ 20,000

The best bitcoin virtual currency briefly climbed to a new high on Monday, heading towards $ 20,000 per unit. The currency jumped above its previous high of $ 19,783 to hit 19,800 with some industry analysts predicting it will soon breach the 20,000 resistance point. The debate on the state …

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