The wife of the Armenian prime minister goes to fight the Azeris


Anna Hakobian, 42, began military training in a women’s unit on Tuesday, according to AFP.

“A detachment of 13 women, including myself, is starting military training. In a few days we will be leaving (on the front) to support the defense of our borders,” wrote Anna Hakobian, journalist on Facebook.

“Neither our country nor our dignity will be abandoned to the enemy,” he added.

This is the second military formation in August for the wife of the Armenian Prime Minister, while Nikol Pashinian appealed last week for volunteers to join ethnic Armenian forces in this conflict, AFP notes.

The prime minister’s son, Ashot Paşinian, 20, also volunteered.

Violence resumed on 27 September in the separatist enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh with unprecedented intensity since the 1994 armistice. In recent weeks, Azerbaijani forces have captured territories beyond their control since the 1990s.

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