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The US special investigator raises accusations against Trump as fake ONLINE TIME

Only a few hours later the online portal Buzzfeed News With a serious accusation against Donald Trump caused a sensation, the US Special Investigator has slowed down speculation: the report on Trump's former lawyer is simply "not fair".

"BuzzFeeds Description
some statements to the special agent office e
the characterization of documents and statements made by this office
The testimony of Michael Cohen before the Congress
not correct, "said Mueller's spokesperson on Friday evening.
Peter Carr. Mueller's reaction to media reports is extremely unusual.

The online portal had previously mentioned
Two anonymous officials of the order forces reported that Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, accused the president of having him perjured before Congress
to have instigated. Mueller's investigators have learned according to the report
among other things "on interviews with several Trump witnesses
Organization and internal email of the company "of Trumps
alleged statement.

Buzzfeed News the opinion of the
Mueller deals directly with his Twitter channel. Editor-in-chief Ben Smith, however, objected: the portal remains in representation and supports both
research and sources used. Mueller must
clarify what exactly should have been wrong, Smith emphasized.

Trump threw Cohen into one message on Twitter on Friday, him
lie "to reduce his prison sentence". President Speaker Hogan Gidley also described Cohen
designated "liar". The accusations are "ridiculous" and lacking
"Any evidence and credibility," Gidley told the TV
Fox News,

Is Trump behind Cohen's lies?

Cohen had in November
He admitted that he lied to Congress to conceal the fact that he had negotiated the Trump Tower real estate project in Moscow until June 2016 – so at a time
like Trump already almost certainly as a republican
Presidential candidate He testified before the commissions that
The Trump Tower project had already been completed in January 2016, therefore
even before the beginning of the Republican primaries. The chronology is
highly explosive in terms of whether Trump is still in one
advanced stage of the commercial interests of its election campaign
Russia pursued – in turn, its political attitude
It could have influenced Moscow. Trump has "business" in Russia
repeatedly denied. In court, Cohen said he lied to Trump for loyalty.

Cohen also gave the investigators
to that he had advised more often with Trump on the Moscow project of
originally led by him. The lawyer has worked for more than ten years
long for Trump and was considered one of his main problem solvers
and closer confidants. He has considerable knowledge of inside information
on the business and personal circumstances of the President. Cohen became three
Sentenced to prison for years; He will have to testify before the commission for the supervision and reform of the House of Representatives on February 7th.

Before the announcement of
Mueller's office had the
Report from BuzzFeedNews in Washington for
caused considerable excitement. The new president of the secret services committee in the House of Representatives,
Democrat Adam Schiff announced: "We will do everything we need
It's about finding out if it's true. "Some Democrats said it should be
It's true, Trump should be fired from his position.

After reporting the Mueller office, Trump wrote
Twitter, is "a very sad day for journalism, but one
great day for our country ". Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani
he wrote on Twitter
praises the Mueller office for being "the wrong one" BuzzFeed"He corrected history." He called the press, "a
Take note that his hysterical desire to join this president
destroy, go too far ".

has investigated alleged Russian interference since May 2017
in favor of Trump in the 2016 election campaign and possible correlations
Collusion between the Trump and Moscow team. He too becomes suspicious
According to Trump, after taking office, the research of the
Trying to prevent Russia's business.

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