The United States warns Greece from aid to Iranian oil tankers


The drama in Gibraltar ended after 45 days. Is the next dispute on the Iranian oil tanker "Adrian Darya 1", previously "Grace 1", now underway? In any case, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has clearly criticized the release of the Iranian ship that was set up outside Gibraltar.

The move was "unfortunate," Pompeo told Fox News on Monday. Should Iran beat profits, the Revolutionary Guards would have "more money, more resources and more resources to continue their terrorist actions".

The shared tanker has meanwhile continued its journey across the Mediterranean. After leaving Gibraltar, he headed for the port city of Kalamata in Greece. A US State Department official stated that the Athens government was given a "clear position" to not support the tanker.

The United States sees links between the tanker and the Iranian revolutionary guards, which are classified by the Washington government as a terrorist organization.

International oil transport report

The government of the British exclave Gibraltar had suspended the repair last week. According to them, Iran has previously agreed that the tanker will not discharge oil in Syria. As a result, the United States requested to confiscate the ship and its cargo. Gibraltar refused, however, claiming that it was bound by the right of the EU.

Since then the tanker has been renamed from "Grace 1" to "Adrian Darya 1" and now it is flying the Iranian flag. He had been stopped by the British Navy off the coast of Gibraltar on 4 July. The reason was the suspicion that he would have to smuggle oil into Syria in violation of EU sanctions. Iran denies the accusation.

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