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The Supreme Court of Venezuela declares the unconstitutional direction of the parliament

The Venezuelan Supreme Court (STJ) today canceled the inauguration ceremony of the National Assembly (AN, parliament), where the position is majority and was held on 5 January.

This judicial body also canceled all parliamentary acts, including an agreement to allow the entry of a country of humanitarian aid.

According to the STJ, the current parliamentary leadership, chaired by opposition leader Juan Guaidó, is "unconstitutional".

"The leadership of the AN elected and sworn last January 5, 2018 is not valid … the sworn parties take place in the usurpation and their actions are void," announced the STJ.

In a statement read by the magistrate Juan Jose Mendonza, president of the Constitutional Chamber, one of the six halls that make up the plenary STJ, it should be emphasized that there was a "repeated constitutional omission" by the legislative power, which from 2017 is been in disobedience to decisions of that court.

On the other hand, he accused MPs of violating Articles 130, 131 and 132 of the Venezuelan Constitution, stating that President Nicolas Maduro usurped the presidency since January 10, when he took the oath of office for a new six-year presidential term. .

On 10 January, Nicolás Maduro took office before the Supreme Court of Justice as president of Venezuela for the period 2019-2025.

According to the Venezuelan National Electoral Council, Maduro was re-elected to a new presidential term in the early elections of 20 May 2018, with 6,248,864 votes (67.84%).

One day after the elections, the Venezuelan opposition challenged the results, complaining of irregularities and disrespect for the human rights treaties or the Venezuelan Constitution.

Several countries have expressed their intention not to recognize Nicolás Maduro's new mandate.

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