The summer is not over yet


People in Germany have yet to give up hope for a summer return. From Wednesday it will be sunny and warmer again. Even a new heat wave seems possible.

Only a few days with the rain and the time they permeate, so the Germans can still look at the sun and the highest temperatures, according to the forecasts of the German meteorological service. First, Deep "Bernd" brings rain, thunderstorms, and strong winds back to the rest of the country on Sunday. In the south, it is hot over 30 degrees, in the north, however, a maximum of 24 degrees.

At the beginning of the week, temperatures settle on a "usual for the season level between 19 and 26 degrees," the DWD said Saturday. In addition there are Monday and especially Tuesday in the south and south-east rains and thunderstorms partly strong; the sun prevails in the northeast. Showers are expected in the North Sea.

The sun returns on Wednesday

DWD weather forecast Simon Trippler promises to reverse the trend from Wednesday. With the increase in the influence of high pressure it remains largely dry in Germany – apart from the coasts – with plenty of sunshine. Temperatures rise to peaks from 20 to 28 degrees.

The meteorologist has responded to the fears of many people, the summer of 2019 could have had his day after the variable time of the past days. "The past teaches that it must not be so, even if meteorologists begin the autumn on September 1", explains the meteorological expert. "The daily maximums of 25 degrees or more – according to the meteorological definition of a summer day – are possible until October." Even 30 degrees and more could be up to the beginning of October.

Longer heat waves are still possible. "Despite all the doubts, the individual models for the weekend of 24 and 25 August actually have a significant increase in temperature in the program," the meteorological expert said. "Although the forecasts are still very uncertain, but when it comes to this, it would warm up again with daily highs above 30 degrees and show again the summer of 2019, what it can".

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