The Senate confirms Judge Amy Coney Barrett for US Supreme – USA and Canada – International


The Republican-dominated Senate confirmed to the Conservative judge on Monday that President Donald Trump proposed to the Supreme Court of the United States, a victory for the president eight days before the election in which he seeks to be re-elected.

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The Senate voted 52 in favor and 48 against, the appointment of the judge
Amy Coney Barrett, adhering to partisan lines.

Barrett, a fervent Catholic against abortion, will change the configuration of the highest court which from now on will have six conservative judges out of nine, three of whom are appointed by the Republican president.

Three progressive magistrates also sit in the nine-member court. The new judge will fill the vacancy left by the progressive’s death in September Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The magistrate could attend his first hearing starting November 2, the eve of the presidential elections. Therefore, theoretically it will act in case of examination of any appeals against the results of the vote.

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The Supreme Court rules in the United States on the thorniest social debates, from abortion to the transportation of weapons to the rights of sexual minorities.

During the confirmation hearing, Judge Barrett was careful not to reveal his views on these hot topics.



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