the restaurant owner throws the customers out because they were dogging


According to CBS, eThe man who went viral is Kevin Kelley, owner of the “TRUE Kitchen + Kocktails” restaurant in Dallas, who has been very angry with customers dancing “twerking” style.

Although it is not clear when exactly the video was recorded, Twitter account @DJGreenVillain posted it last Sunday e This already has nearly 4 million views, 55,000 likes and 30,000 shares.

Kelley is heard saying in the recording who invested “a lot of money” to buy the building and create a place where African Americans “feel good about themselves as a culture.”.

“Don’t bring all this shit here because it’s a restaurant,” shouts the businessman. “If you want, get out of my restaurant,” he added.

“Do not do that again. I do not want to hear it. If you don’t like it, leave because I don’t need your money. I have to provide something for my people. Do not do that again. Thanks”Kelley finished.

After viralizing the video, the restaurant owner had to go out and apologize for his abusive language and thus stop the hundreds of attacks received through social networks, explains CBS.

Kevin Kelley assured, quoted by that chain, that I had already warned customers that there would be consequences if they continued dancing. She also posted videos showing the conversations her restaurant employees had with young women.

“Then, as another video shows, a customer sat in her seat, put her hands against the windows and started dogging,” the businessman said, adding that he thought an accident could occur because one of them could have fallen against the window and sustained injuries, which would cause a lawsuit against the restaurant, the media said.

“My second reaction was: ‘Enough is enough.’ After dealing with this behavior 2 times, andThese clients no longer deserved the courtesy I had expressed in previous meetings because they were received without respect and deliberately ignoredKelley finished.


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