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The presenter is condemned to pressure for interviewing a homosexual

An Egyptian court sentenced to one year in prison today to presenter Mohamed al Ghaity after being accused of "contempt for religion, debauchery and propagation of homosexuality" for having invited a young homosexual to his live show, the prosecuting attorney and a judicial source have informed the media.

The Cairo criminal court on 6 October sentenced the Egyptian host to a year in prison, a fine of 3,000 Egyptian pounds ($ 167.72 at current exchange rate) and a year of surveillance for inviting the "Sah al Num" program ( Wake up!) Of the LTC Egyptian channel to young homosexuals, whose image has gone out pixellata, said the judicial source.

The Egyptian lawyer Samir Sabry was the one who denounced Al Ghaity to the Attorney General's office "contradict the most basic religious rules and pillars"as well as to" totally overcome "the laws, he said.

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The presenter "began to ask many questions and all dirty and low-level" the host, he said, adding that "the live answers were all worse and could not be broadcast on television or other media".

In August 2018, a young man, who was not identified, went to the Al Ghaity program for relate your life as a prostituteHe and his relationship with a man from a Gulf country.

Have you entered the prostitution world as a man? or What was your price? they were some of the questions from the animator to the guest to exhibit his life in the Arab country.

According to Sabry, Al Ghaity "started talking the economic benefits of homosexuality practices that the homosexual got "for what the presenter did, according to the lawyer," an appeal to propagate libertinism ".

The sentence can still be appealed to a superior court case.

After the transmission, the program has been suspended for two weeks in September by the Supreme Media Regulatory Council due to "repeated channel violations".

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The state agency, in a statement, accused the program of "having violated a council decision that said it could not invite homosexuals and spread their ideas".

The "Sah al Num" broadcast was suspended for a week in February for criticizing one of the candidates who participated in the presidency of the Egyptian elections last year.

Currently, homosexuality is not considered a crime in Egypt, But the authorities have repressed dozens of members of the LGBT community with a law that punishes "libertinism", with sentences of up to three years in prison and, in some cases, even with the law against prostitution.

In 2017, Egypt made a wave of arrests that began after a concert, on September 22nd, by the Lebanese music group Mashru Leila, in which some participants raised the multicolored flag representing the LGTBI collective.

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